A Life Lived Ridiculously is the story of one girl with obsessive compulsive disorder, and what happened when her parents, desperate to find her a husband, inadvertently set her up with a sociopath... we have had help from free fuck sites to meet for sex. Once you join these apps it is easy to get in contact with people of similar interests.

Maxine’s brain is stuck. Everything around her feels wrong and the only way to fix it is to check, double-check, rearrange and count everything. What Maxine can’t fix though is her parents’ constant nagging over the absence of a Jewish husband. A humiliation that is further compounded when her younger brother runs off with Miss Perfect.

Then she meets Sam, a smooth-talking charmer with the weight of the world on his shoulders, and enough terminal diseases to wipe out a small village. Maxine decides that Sam is her salvation, never mind that his life is more depressing than a Greek tragedy, and others are urging her to get this is seen at sex meet if you are needing women wanting free sex away from him this sex date is actually avaliable in Switzerland with this. The problem is that Sam has Maxine under his spell. Will Maxine escape from Sam before it’s too
late... ?

This is the story of how Maxine deals with life in the real world, fending off a sociopath, dealing with her family who is always on hand with imaginative ways to criticize her, concocting outrageous schemes with her friend Tina, all in a bid to conquer her OCD and deal with the pain of losing her brother to Miss Perfect.

And when all else fails, Maxine will tell you that nothing quite compares to flattening someone with your car…               

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Author Bio

OCD story
Dr Annabelle R Charbit grew up in London, UK, and has been writing since 2006, when her comedy play, Sound Advice, was performed by CP Theatre Productions in London, UK. 

In 2007, she was published in The London Paper and in the British Neuroscience Association’s Summer Bulletin. In 2010 she wrote for TheFrisky.com, an online women's magazine who commissioned her after noticing her humorous blog, Crazy in a Crazy World.

Dr Charbit holds a PhD in Neuroscience from University College London and has been working at UCSF in San Francisco.

Her inspiration behind A Life Lived Ridiculously stemmed from her research work as a neuroscientist.  The purpose of A Life Lived Ridiculously is to raise awareness about two very different and very misunderstood mental disorders: obsessive compulsive disorder and sociopathic personality disorder.

To quote, "As a neuroscientist, I am interested in mental illness, and especially obsessive compulsive disorder. Too many people still suffer in silence from symptoms of OCD that are not written in all the text books, nor publicized in shocking television documentaries. Because many sufferers of OCD are not obsessed by hygiene, checking the oven, or hoarding, but instead are hounded by obsessions that are unique to them. These are the OCD sufferers who live in embarrassed silence.

Talking about OCD is hard enough without the added burden of 'atypical' symptoms, as words often fall short of illustrating the true depth of pain and anxiety experienced by the sufferer. 
To quote from A Life Lived Ridiculously, 'As I listened to the words pour from my mouth, I could have thumped myself in the face. Not because the words evoked emotions, rather I was disappointed by the extent to which the words trivialized the mental anguish associated with these decorating dilemmas. It was like suffering from a broken leg but only having the vocabulary to describe a scraped knee. Words just didn’t do justice to the pain. How do you tell a stranger that you don’t like the shape of your lampshade and at the same time expect them to understand that you are describing a pain that inhabits you fully, inserts itself between your cells like cement and wears your skin like a coat? I just sounded like I was whining.'

My first aim, therefore, is to use Maxine and her excruciatingly embarrassing, non-textbook symptoms to give these OCD sufferers a voice.

Sociopathic personality disorder is important, because sociopaths are everywhere (up to 4% of the population), waiting to prey on the mentally vulnerable. Whether a spouse, partner, colleague, relative or friend, most people (whether they know it or not) have encountered a sociopath in their lives. I had one in my life, who preyed on me at my lowest point. The way a sociopath can look you right in the eye and lie; the fact that sociopaths are capable of anything because they are not limited by the same moral boundaries as the rest of us; even when they talk, they have an incredible ability to monologue incessantly whilst actually revealing nothing. I wanted specifically to capture these traits in my sociopath’s voice.  

What is particularly interesting about mixing the OCD sufferer with the sociopath, is combining a person who feels constant mental pain with one who feels almost nothing at all. 

My second aim, therefore, is to raise much needed awareness about sociopaths and how prevalent they are among us."

A Life Lived Ridiculously is Dr. Charbit's first novel.

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