OCD-UK discussion forum may be a fraud

Due to the fact that the administrators at OCD-UK have been stingy and not allowed links to any other websites relating to OCD, I must remove myself from this forum.

I can no longer support a forum that is clearly interested only in its own popularity and not in the needs of the OCD sufferers, who require as much information as possible, even if that means getting it from multiple sources.

To quote OCD-UK, “we don't allow links to external websites as there are so many ill-informed websites out there.”

Yes there are, but there is also a wealth of very useful information out there. Isn’t it up to the individual to decide what to read and what to ignore? Or are we living under a communist regime? Keep the masses in the dark!

OCD-UK even deleted one post in which I had merely suggested (no links here) that you Google ‘The OCD Circuit,’ claiming that “telling people to Google a certain subject could bring up all sorts of websites which can lead to confusion and people getting bad information.”

Again, yes it could, but FIRSTLY it is not up to you to protect us from Google. And SECONDLY it is probably thanks to Google that many of OCD-UK's users found OCD-UK. It's certainly how I found them. Perhaps OCD-UK is providing "bad information" since they too are searchable on Google....
Methinks therefore that this excuse might also be a pathetic ploy to ensure that traffic is never driven away from OCD-UK.

It seems that OCD-UK wants their site filled with sufferers, who cry for help, but never get any real answers. Because the more people remain ignorant of the facts, the more likely they are to remain in the forum looking for answers. This is why the moment someone comes along with any helpful ideas, OCD-UK shuts them down and deletes their posts.  OCD-UK needs to keep its users in darkness and continually suffering.

I recommend that all members leave OCD-UK, and find a more genuine forum. You will find many OCD support groups and discussion forums on the internet.

Here are just a few:
  • OCD Tribe
  • OCD Action (another UK based forum)
  • Neurotic Planet
  • SupportGroups
  • Psychforums.com/obsessive-compulsive
  • Social Phobia World.com/ocd-obsessive-compulsive-disorder-forum
  • Stuck In a Doorway
  • Many many many many many many many many OCD groups on Facebook
Be well, be healthy and always stay informed...

Keep suffering, it's better for our website rankings...