Sudocrem® - Like Triple Paste®, but half the price

A lot of abuse takes place in America, where the greatest necessities like diaper cream, infant formula and gas relief medication are priced higher than is fair. In Europe, on the other hand, such necessities are not jacked up just because we can't live without them. This is why one mum is bringing Sudocrem® to America. And at fair UK prices too !!!

Mums, Dads and caregivers, you finally have the opportunity to take back your power, vote with your wallets and buy the FAIRLY priced diaper rash cream called Sudocrem®. Sudocrem® is the British version of TRIPLE PASTE®. Same amazing cream for preventing diaper rash, only more bang for your buck...


1) Cost

In USA Tripple Paste costs at least $1.46 per 1 oz (see
In USA Boudreaux Butt Paste costs at least $0.92 per 1 oz (see
In USA A&D zinc oxide costs at least $0.77 per 1 oz (see
In the UK Sudocrem® costs at least $0.64 per 1 oz (see

That makes Sudocrem more than half the price of Triple Paste and lower than Boudreaux's Butt Paste and A&D zinc oxide.

2) Concentration of the active ingredient zinc oxide
Triple paste contains 12.8% zinc oxide,
Boudreaux's Butt Paste contains 16% zinc oxide 
A&D zinc oxide contains 10% zinc oxide
Sudocrem® contains 15.25% zinc oxide

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Everywhere else on ebay (except here) you can purchase Sudocrem at the fair UK price, BUT because it will be shipping from abroad, you'll also be charged high shipping prices.This seller however stocks Sudocrem here in USA, and will therefore charge you local shipping of no more than $5.00 to ship any one sudocrem 250g jar anywhere in USA.

What is Sudocrem®?

Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream was created almost 80 years ago and has been used by millions of mums, dads and healthcare professionals ever since to treat the sore skin caused by nappy rash. Sudocrem is manufactured in Ireland by Forest Tosara Ltd.

Unlike some nappy rash products on the market, Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream is a licensed medicine, which means we’ve had to submit clinical data proving that Sudocrem is an effective and safe treatment.

Sudocrem is clinically proven to soothe, heal and protect your baby’s delicate skin and works in three ways:

* A water-repellent base forms a protective barrier, helping to stop any irritants (urine and feces) coming into contact with the skin.
* It both softens and soothes sore, inflamed skin.
* It has a weak local anaesthetic to help ease pain and irritation.

So what gives Sudocrem its healing properties? Here’s the science bit. Sudocrem contains:

* hypoallergenic lanolin, to help soothe and soften irritated skin.
* zinc oxide which reduces the loss of tissue fluid.
* benzyl benzoate and benzyl cinnamate which are ingredients of Balsam of Peru, recognized for its healing properties.
* benzyl alcohol, a weak local anaesthetic which eases pain and also acts as a disinfectant/antibacterial agent.

As a protective antiseptic cream, Sudocrem is, not just a diaper rash cream, but is also helpful in the treatment of other skin conditions:

* exc

* cuts and grazes
* sunburn
* minor burns
* acne
* bedsores

Anything in America that is sold at a 'fair price,' probably contains high fructose corn syrup or some other kind of cheap, radioactive waste.
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